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NEW! Slim Patchcables with built in Bi-color LED for Eurorack

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after two more years of designing and testing we made them with the same quality, and updated slimmer (6,5mm) design!

Durable, high quality patchcables with built in LEDs, illuminates green with positive polarity and red with negative polarity, designed for modular and semi-modular synthesizers, (12v) eurorack modules.

5 pcs. pack - with transparent jack and black or transparent cable, 65cm., perfect for LFO, CV controlling,... Eurorack modules and Synthesizers


    • 5 pieces per quantity
    • red, green or red, blue polarized bi-color LEDs on both sides
    • 3.5 mm mono jack connector
    • minimal measurable interferences, 
  • shielded cables
  • voltage drop by led power consumption
  • built in: 560„Ω / 3,15V Led

Preorder, we are working hard to make fresh quality cables for you!
Shipping will start from MAY 2024!!